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  Petite and Sweet Antique Beaded Dome

I've shown this little treasure with a few of my beaded domes in the background. It's almost sinful how many beaded domes and beaded chandeliers I have in my collection. To avoid any inkling of becoming a hoarder, I'm taking this opportunity to offer up one of my darlings.

Incredible faceted beads catch and reflect every nuance of light. At one point in this little treasure's life, it was a lamp shade. What a shade, huh! Now decorator's around the world use these in wonderful and creative ways to bring light, energy and beauty into a room or a vignette.

It measures 6'' in diameter and 4'' tall. No missing or chipped beads. Sometimes the strands get a little smooshed together or even lop-sided. If this bothers you, just apply light pressure. For me, it just adds character. Kind of like my laugh lines. Ha!

Price: $115.00

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