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  OMG BEST Pedestal Ever! The Pink Patina To Die For!!

I was over the moon in love with this pedestal and absolutely had to have it. There was no way it wasn't coming home with me. OMG - the things I do for YOU! I knew you'd love it, too. The color and the patina just make my mouth water.

Solid wood, with a great deal of age on it. Obviously some cracking of the wood, peeling, etc., but what's not to love about this fantastic decorating piece. The possibilities are endless.

This is exactly as I have found it. No one has monkeyed around with it or added anything to it. It is solid and heavy. Lord help us with shipping prices.... I'll do my best to find a great rate for you. It measures 19'' tall and the square top is 13'' on each side.

Price: $285.00

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