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We all have stories of how we got to where we are today...........I'm always amazed at the stories we all have to tell, the tales of love, sorrow and triumph. Like many of you have experienced, it is the forks in our road that have changed our lives and our paths forever bringing us to our destiny. I worked in the healthcare industry for many, many years and never thought I'd be selling on-line, but yet here I am living this incredible life of beauty, passion and adventure.

I'm the mom of two beautiful children and one amazing grandson. My two children, Chelsea and Bryan, are my everything. My handsome son, Bryan, just made my heart grow even bigger with the gift of a grandson, Gunnar Bryson Howells. Chelsea, is a special needs child who has Rett Syndrome. Julia Roberts, the famous actress, narrated a documentary about Rett Syndrome called "Silent Angels". If you'd like to learn more about Rett Syndrome, here is a link. Chelsea is so much more than her diagnosis ~ she is an inspiration of hope, strength. Her life is fragile and she has been hospitalized, as an inpatient, 166 times as of this writing. Incredibly that adds up to more than 7 years of her life in a hospital bed. Through it all she has been surrounded by her family and loved ones. We believe in miracles at our house simply because we've seen them happen, time and time again. Through my love and devotion to Chelsea, I realized early on that I needed to reinvent my life, so I quit my job in healthcare and started working from home. That was back in 1997 and I've been going strong ever since. My business was blessed with recognition and multiple full page articles from our favorite magazines, Romantic Country and Romantic Homes in three separate issues. My home was also included in the Italian magazine, Casa Romantica. I've included a link to those issues for your viewing pleasure. It truly is a life of passion and adventure in seeking out beautiful treasures to offer you. I'm thrilled to be able to offer the best of the best to you in our shopping together.

Through my journey, I've met so many wonderful people who have mentored me, inspired me, encouraged and supported me, but most of all have loved me through it all. As I sit here at my keyboard, Chelsea is in her bed right beside me, smiling at me and watching me. I keep my computer in her room so that we can share these moments. These are the special moments in our life. They may seem small, but they fill my heart with love. Chelsea will never be able to speak in words, but her eyes say it all. And I always reply, I know you do, sweetpea, I love you, too! To the moon and back....